Uncharted Territory

I want to give a shout out in thanks to creative business blogger Julie Gibbons for her interview of me found here! I was thrilled when she contacted me through my spoonflower.com shop and asked for an interview. I had previously discovered her blog, tractorgirl.com.au and found it to be really well done, helpful and inspiring. She has featured numerous artists, designers, and craftspeople who are all in some way making a business from their creative pursuits, and I am honored to now be among them. She also shares valuable business tips and marketing how-tos for those of us who may not be new to art and design, but are still learning about the business side of things, particularly branding. For me, the evolution from working as a textile designer in fashion to creating original designs for my own brand, has been a surprisingly long and bumpy learning curve. I'm still learning and I'm not sure where this road will take me. I guess that's what keeps it interesting. Thanks again, Julie!