New Fat Quarters for Quilters

A recent discovery at Spoonflower led me to create several one-yard panels made up of four coordinating "fat quarters" of existing designs, now up for sale in my Spoonflower shop.

I discovered that Spoonflower doesn't sell half yards, only full yards, test swatches (8" x 8") or "fat quarters" (18" x 21"). For those of you who are wondering about what this "fat quarter" thing is, it's a one-fourth yard cut of fabric that measures 18" x 21" instead of the typical 9" x 42" quarter-yard cut. Quilters like fat quarters because they are a more usable shape for piecing than a typical quarter yard, so I can see why Spoonflower offers this option. But here is another catch – a fat quarter costs more than a half yard would, if you could get it! One yard of Kona cotton is $18, but a fat quarter is $11. Not very quilter friendly pricing if you want to buy several fat quarters for piecing and don't need a whole yard of one print. I'm not sure why they even offer the fat quarter option! And then not a half yard also? This just doesn't make sense to me. I love using Spoonflower for designing and printing fabric, but I don't like this pricing issue and no half-yards policy.

However, I do like that they let me create these one-yard four fat quarter panels as way for quilters and crafters to sample some fat quarters for a reasonable one-yard price!